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Aachen AR City Guide

Aachen AR City Guide
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iOS, Android


On the trails of thermal water:

Few people know the true significance of the thermal water springs and its healing effects in the German city of Aachen. So it was even more significant for the Aachen 72° City Museum to revive its importance and to do so as innovatively as possible. The challenge was to design a visionary AR application that allows tourists as well as locals to discover their city in a new way. A new, imaginative form of city tour was required that immerses visitors in the formative history of the hot springs without the need of a physical tourist guide.

The Conclusion

Of Water and Innovation

Not a drop in the ocean. The AR Aachen city tour makes the influences of the healing waters visible again for residents and visitors.

Instead of a physical guide our AR navigation app presents residents and visitors a fully animated city guide, a heraldic figure “Granni,” on their smartphones. Granni guides tourists personally along a 1.5-kilometer route through the historically rich city center. This urban space becomes a spectacular experience, bringing history into the present. A total of ten interactive media stations full of history, short films, animations and holograms await users on their memorable city tour, that even restores dilapidated buildings digitally with the help of AR.