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aryve for MUSEUM at Deutsches Museum in Munich

aryve for MUSEUM at Deutsches
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aryve VPS
 Just imagine ...

A leap into the past and a glimpse into the future, at the same time.

Museums are incredible treasure chests when it comes to knowledge and culture. Our solution aryve for MUSEUM brings those worlds to life and turns a visit into a fascinating journey. In a time when everything feels fast-paced, museums are forced to advance. Aryve for MUSEUM brings visitors closer to the past with innovative AR indoor navigation, while opening a window to the future of cultural experiences. 

The Result

Art and history within reach, literally.

With aryve for MUSEUM, any exhibition can be transformed into an interactive world of experience with unlimited possibilities.

Thanks to the AR-based indoor navigation solution, visitors are guided through the showcase in a targeted manner, while an animated avatar acts as a virtual wayfinding buddy. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate to selected exhibits or information points. What’s more, Explorer Mode offers an extended experience by providing access to additional information and digital media. Perfect orientation within a museum setting, coupled with interactive content: a visit that is not only informative, but also unforgettable.