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Carl Zeiss AR Metrology

Carl Zeiss AR Metrology
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iOS, Android


The measuring machines from Carl ZEISS are highly efficient, an innovator of technology and one thing above all else: pretty damn big.

That makes it quite a challenge to bring them closer to customers. The manufacturer was therefore looking for a digital solution to upgrade their consultation and the customer experience to a new level – a new, virtual level. Based on that we focused on the creation of an innovative presentation of the products with all its details that supports and advises the customers remotely by an interactive virtual experience while choosing the correct product for their needs. Transforming the surveying devices into an interactive and virtual experience? Challenge accepted!

The Conclusion

The Rabbit Hole of Surveying

The fascinating world of surveying equipment is just a click away.

The ZEISS AR Metrology app enables the consumer to experience 24/7 worldwide ZEISS’ high-quality before it is purchased. The Augmented Reality app makes it possible to place the virtual products into the real environment to explore them in all their diversity. The most technical inner workings are revealed. The X-ray function expands the view of the devices, making them much more understandable. Other media such as videos, graphics or animations can also be integrated seamlessly into an app that presents all the necessary information about the product. The size of the devices can be adjusted and displayed true to scale to provide customers t the true dimensions of the product.

Isn’t that amazing?