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Elgas After Sales Support

Elgas After Sales Support
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Gas tanks can enter the digital world, too.

That’s why Elgas requested a multifunctional application that would facilitate the installation of gas tanks and their annual maintenance to a new, virtual level.

The challenge was to use Augmented Reality to develop an application that would sustainably support both Elgas employees and customers in dealing with their gas tanks providing installation assistance and customer experience at the same time.

The Conclusion

Properly placed.

Installing gas tanks is boring?
You thought wrong!

The X-Zone LPG application supports the Elgas employees during the planning and installation of gas tanks in customer households in a virtual and unprecedented way – more contemporary is not possible.

The app augments the real environment with a virtual safety zone around the tanks on the smartphone.

This ensures that the tank is placed correctly in accordance with local conditions and specified guidelines. In addition, customers receive discounts on future gas fills by saving a photo of the tank in the app, enabling Elgas staff to perform annual inspections of the facility digitally rather than on-site.