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Novexx Solutions Process Visualization

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Novexx Solutions software TRACE-it connects, manages and controls all central tasks in the production process with a high degree of trans­parency and accuracy.

With the help of AR the innovative data management software is made explainable in a vivid way. An app was specifically developed for Novexx Solutions making production processes visible. So, we developed a virtual factory experience that convinces both customers and employees of the company.


A Factory to Go

A factory hall for your pocket

With the Novexx Solutions process visualization app the employees of marking systems always have their factory on their smartphone with them. By visualizing a digital factory floor, the app produces an unprecedented and astonishingly real presentation of the production process. By designing and implementing a digital factory floor, the app enables an exact and astonishingly real visualization of the production process using AR. An unprecedented experience.

Once the virtual factory landscape has been placed in the real environment, the hustle and bustle in the hall begins: The precise visualization of the individual production steps makes them easy for the user to understand. A multitude of clever 3D animations not only bring the hall to life, but also present the numerous advantages of TRACE-IT. The app is thus the ideal teacher for customers, plant and sales staff.