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Porsche AR Visualizer

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iOS, Android
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Imagine ...

Nowadays a customer experience can’t be individual enough.

It must be exciting and state of the art efficiently deploying technology. So it was with Porsche, where every elegant model was brought directly into the customer’s home. Customer loyalty in the 21st century lives at home. We created a digital touchpoint that spotlighted the car models in the most spectacular way by bringing them directly into customers’ living room. Potential buyers can discover on their smartphones and customize every single feature of the car before purchase.

The Conclusion

Individuality first

With the Porsche AR Visualizer, the living rooms and front yards of Porsche customers turn into a catwalk for awesome car presentations.

Discover your own dream car with just a few clicks and completely customize it to your personal taste: Priceless! The Porsche AR Visualizer places models into the real environment. Paintcolors, rim shape and the interior can be individualized and adapted to personal preference. Once the look is ready, users can also take a virtual test drive in their dream car and share this unforgettable experience with their friends and family on social media.