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Siemens Sensformer AR

Siemens Sensformer AR
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Happiness was born a twin, as Don Juan once said.

Siemens AG therefore also wanted a digital counterpart of its transformer in the form of an app that symbolizes technical progress and provides visitors to the Hannover trade show to experience the advantages of the Sensformer compared to conventional transformers with the help of Augmented Reality.

On this basis, we designed an AR application that both depicts the transformer realistically while clearly focusing on all its technical features. An app, that’s easy to use and provided to be a real highlight for the Hannover trade fair.

The Conclusion


The virtual AR model of the Sensformer and the real Transformer look confusingly similar.

The difference?

The virtual model and all its components can be inspected down to the smallest detail easily on any mobile device.

Via the camera of a smartphone the Siemens Sensformer application places the transformer into the real environment where it can be inspected from both inside and outside.

Data taken directly from the Siemens MindSphere cloud illustrates  the innovative use of the Sensformer in real time because technical details such as sensor placement, temperature distribution or ventilation systems are also digitally visualized, creating a completely new form of data evaluation.