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Vorwerk Kobold Robot Demo App

Vorwerk Kobold Robot Demo App
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iOS, Android


When Vorwerk launched their new vacuum cleaner, the Vorwerk Kobold 300, one thing was clear, they wanted this product launch to be completely new and different.

The company wanted an all in one app that created and efficient employee training that optimized their digital sales process. To make this reality we developed an extraordinary application that serves as either remote training or as ideal sales support. Bringing the product closer to employees and potential customers.

The Conclusion

All about Sales!

The exclusive Vorwerk Robot Kobold Demo AR App optimizes sales processes.

Developed in parallel to the product itself, the application can be adapted to the beahaviour and learning need of end users. The app recognizes the real product and visualizes an AR version of the vacuum cleaner on a smartphone, that can be pictured inside and out down to the smallest detail. The visualization of the various technical features of the device such as the sensors, air flows, but also the map view transform the app into a true multitasker. In this way, Vorwerk is able to train its teams efficiently and ‘soak up’ customers’ last doubts.