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Vorwerk Thermomix 6 webAR

Vorwerk Thermomix 6 webAR
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iOS, Android


Fast, faster, webAR: When Vorwerk consulted us in 2021, one thing became pretty clear: It was all about being quick.

The reason for the rush? Strict corona restrictions banned the Vorwerk team from presenting their Thermomix products live on site. And that meant the main sales channel simply fell away from one day to the next.So, we were called upon! The mission was to develop an AR product presentation that would allow customers to place the Thermomix in its original size and in its color variety directly in their own kitchens. No more said, no less done.

The Conclusion

Next Level Product Presentation

Within only two weeks, we developed the Thermomix Product Viewer, which enriched the Vorwerk sales team with the opportunity to of presenting its product in an innovative way and bringing the Thermomix to the customer’s home without being physically present. There, customers can not only explore the Thermomix in its original size, but even switch from one color version to another. All that’s needed is a smartphone and a stable internet connection. No extra app, but the most innovative form of product presentation thanks to smart webAR technology!